Metrology Lab

Full Circle Tool & Machine maintains a full and complete set of instrumentation required to comply with the standards and specifications our customers set forth on their projects. All of our metrology equipment is kept calibrated and is 100% traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

In addition to a vast inventory of standards and other measuring equipment, such as pin gages, thread gages, micrometers, intramics, bore gages, calipers, thread wire gages, gage blocks, and indicating micrometers.

Some highlights from Full Circle’s metrology lab – on hand and fully calibrated – include:

  • Brown & Sharpe Microval 454 coordinate measuring machine, certified every 12 months
  • Pratt & Whitney Super Micrometer
  • Dorsey-Pexit 14” optical comparator with digital readout
  • Brown & Sharpe 12″ Model 5851 Digi Chek Style “Cadillac gage”
  • Brown & Sharpe 6″ “Cadillac Gage”
  • Starret 12″ Digi Chek

Rest assured, if your project requires gaging that we don’t already have in house, we WILL acquire it, check its calibration, and add to our lab.