Conventional / Tool Room

Milling – Conventional

  • Supermax turret type milling machine, equipped with Mitutoyo digital readout .0005 resolution

Turning –

  • Hardinge HLV-H Super Precision lathe, equipped with Accurite digital readout .000050 resolution
  • Victor 1630 engine lathe, equipped with Mitutoyo digital readout, .0001 resolution
  • Tos 1660 engine lathe, equipped with Southwest Industries Trava-Dial .001 resolution

Jig Boring –

  • Moore Specialty Tools model 1 ½ B, including fully tooled Moore cabinet

Grinding –

  • Harig 618 Ball Way surface grinder, equipped with Accurite digital readout .0001 resolution, 6” by 18” Walker Ceramax magnetic chuck.
  • Kent 614 Ball Way surface grinder, 6” by 14” magnetic chuck.
  • Kent KGS 818 AHD 8″ BY 18″ Automatic hydraulic feed surface grinder, Auto down feed, .0001 resolution
  • Prosser double end carbide grinder
  • Powermatic double end pedestal grinder
  • Select 612 ID/OD Cylindrical grinder  6″ diameter by 12″ long capacity
  • Landis 1R ID/OD Cylindrical grinder,  10″ diameter by 18″ long capacity
  • Moore Specialty Tools, #3 Jig Grinder, completely rebuilt at the factory, equipped with a Mitutoyo readout, .0001 resolution,  with 60k, 30k, and 12k rpm spindles.

Vibratory De-burring –

  • “Mr. De-burr” 3 cubic foot vibratory de-burring machine with various types of media

Shop Accessories –

Full Circle Tool & Machine has, over the years, made the investment to put together the finest collection of secondary accessories and attachments used to complement our primary equipment. If something is needed to assure a successful build, we either manufacture it ourselves or look to the marketplace for an economical solution.